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  • 4/2/2020 - Technology Support for Learning at Home Together


    If you need this document translated, please call your child’s school principal - Si necesita este documento traducido, por favor comuníquese con la escuela de su hijo - Se você precisa este documento traduzido, entre em contato com a escola do seu filho - Si vous avez besoin de traduire ce document, s'il vous plaît contacter l'école de votre enfant - 如果你需要这份文件翻译,请联系您的孩子的学校 - ،إذا طفلتك/طفلك بمدرسة الاتصال یرجى العربیة اللغة إلى الوثیقة ھذه ترجمة إلى تحتاجین/ تحتاج كنت




    The LPS Technology Team is excited to support you and your students with Learning at Home Together.  Please see below for a list of available technology support resources:


    Learning at Home Together (https://www.lincnet.org/homelearning) - This website contains links to all of our Learning at Home Together resources - technology support, program information, grade-level team pages, mental health resources, resources for talking to your children about COVID-19, grade level team pages, etc.


    Family Tech Help - Guides, tutorials, and videos for families to help you connect and access online tools, including Google Meet, Seesaw, Google Classroom, Clever, and more! Some of the most helpful resources right now include:



    support@lincnet.org - If you need any technical support please contact support@lincnet.org.  We are monitoring and responding to this email from 8am-3pm. We can help with accessing online tools, logging into accounts, password resets, and more.


    If your child is unable to access Learning at Home Together because your child does not have access to a technology device or internet access at home, please review our loan program, then contact support@lincnet.org and a member of the technology staff will contact you.


    The whole technology team is 100focused on supporting you, your children, and our faculty during this time.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any needs you have and we also welcome any suggestions on additional supports that we can provide.



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