• District Health Advisory Council

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines a District Health Advisory Council as “an advisory group composed primarily of school, health, and community representatives who act collectively to advise the school district on aspects of child health as defined by the Coordinated School Health (CSH) Model.” The District Health Advisory Council (DHAC) provides advice to the district on the impact on student health and learning of the following components of a coordinated school health program:
    • Health Education
    • Healthy School Nutrition
    • Physical Education
    • School Health Services
    • Guidance, Counseling, and Social Service
    • Healthy School Environment
    • Staff Wellness
    • Family and Community Involvement

    Eileen Dirrane, School Nurse, Hanscom*
    Cathleen Higgins, Food and Nutrition Services Director*
    Dan Pereira, Director, Lincoln Parks and Recreation*
    Mary Emmons, Student Services Administrator
    Audra Maria, School Nurse, Lincoln
    Kevin Leahy, Wellness Teacher, Hanscom
    *member since inception 
Last Modified on February 12, 2020