• About Lincoln Public Schools

    Lincoln Public School District Profile from Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Schools 
    The Town of Lincoln is a rural suburb located approximately 12 miles west of Boston. Established in 1754, the town recently celebrated its historic 250th Anniversary. Lincoln has a rich history dating to the Revolutionary period of our country‘s history and has maintained many of its early characteristics and traditions. The community places a high value on public education, open space, diversity and community involvement. The current population of the town is approximately 5,600.
    The Lincoln School Committee is responsible for preschool to grade 8 educational programs at the Lincoln School which serves approximately 665 students. Lincoln School is one of the initial member schools in the METCO Program, a voluntary desegregation program that provides an opportunity for students from Boston to enroll in suburban school districts. Currently 91 students from Boston attend the Lincoln School. In addition to the Lincoln School, the district operates the Primary and Middle Schools at Hanscom Air Force Base through a contract with the federal government. Approximately 580 students attend the Hanscom Schools. The community has expressed its support for the schools by voting for six general overrides in the past five years.
    Lincoln has a long tradition of educational excellence and strives to offer-innovative student-centered instruction in an inclusive setting with small class sizes. Parents and community members are very supportive of the school and demonstrate this through their active participation in the PTO (Lincoln), PTO (Hanscom), The Lincoln School Foundation and school-based volunteer programs.
    Faculty members are supported through a rich and varied professional development program, a tuition reimbursement program for graduate studies and a teacher mentor program.
    The overall enrollment in the Lincoln School District is approximately 1400 students. The District employs approximately 150 licensed and highly qualified professional staff (classroom teachers, special subject teachers and therapists along with instructional assistants, special education tutors and support staff.
    A central administrative staff, headed by the Superintendent of Schools, Rebecca McFall, leads the operation of the District.
    The Lincoln School Committee consists of five Lincoln residents, elected to three-year terms and representatives from Hanscom Air Force Base (two who are appointed by the Wing Commander) and a METCO representative, who is elected by parents of Boston resident children who attend the Lincoln School.