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    Teaching and learning are at the core of the district's mission. The design, development and implementation of a cohesive, aligned curriculum, supported with effective instruction and quality assessment comprise the foundation on which we build the educational program for our students.

    In the past few years, the school district has shifted from a topic-based description of curriculum (what is taught) to a standards-based description (what students learn). This shift aligns the district with the direction established by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and with national standards in all subject areas. Our work to align our curriculum with standards has helped ensure a coherent program, grade to grade, that is comparable on both campuses. A standards-based curriculum focuses our teaching on what students should know and be able to do.
    The Lincoln Public Schools' standards for students in each subject area are concisely described in the "Lincoln Learning Expectations." These expectations outline the essential learning for our students so that administrators, teachers, students, and parents are well informed about the most important areas of focus at every grade. There are four components to our Learning Expectations, which are defined below:
    • State Standard and/or Strand: taken directly from the Massachusetts Frameworks; these describe K-12 subject area learning goals for all students.

    • Big Ideas: core concepts embedded in the standards; they are enduring understandings that provide students and teachers with a conceptual base for learning.

    • Key Outcomes: derived from the standard and big ideas for a specific grade level; they represent a selection of the most important learning that students should know and be able to do in that standard. These key outcomes are the basis for substantive assessments that can be used in common at a grade level.

    • Essential Knowledge and Skills: a selected set of the most important skills and understandings; they support students in reaching the key outcomes and making progress toward meeting the standard.


    This website is the source of Learning Expectations at all grades in every subject area: use the menu on the left to click on the subject area tabs for curriculum overviews. Then, click on underlined words or phrases to view the Learning Expectations. These Learning Expectations constitute a "living document;" some areas are fully developed and others are in development. Teachers use these Learning Expectations as guides for instruction; we continue to develop and revise them as we see the results in student learning.
    The Assistant Superintendent of the Lincoln School District provides overall direction for the work on curriculum. Faculty curriculum leaders and members of the teaching staff from the Lincoln and Hanscom schools actively collaborate on specific projects and initiatives that support curriculum improvement.


    Torrance Lewis

    Assistant Superintendent



    Suzette Brydie

    Administrative Assistant


Last Modified on July 20, 2023