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    Bus route information is located toward the bottom of this page. 


    Lincoln School K-4 Occasional and Temporary Bus Pass

    Lincoln School 5-8 Occasional and Temporary Bus Pass


    2023-2024 School Year 

    Bus IDs were mailed on August 17, 2023 to all K-6 students who registered to ride the bus and who live more than two miles from school.  
    Invoices were mailed in early August for students who registered to ride the bus and who are required to pay to ride the bus.  These bus IDs will be mailed upon receipt of payment. Payment can be made online by following the PAYMENTS link at the bottom of this page. Checks can be mailed, payable to the "Town of Lincoln," to Marjorie Leonard-Jeremie, Transportation Coordinator, 6 Ballfield Road, Lincoln, MA  01773.  Fees are non-refundable and must be paid before the start of the school year, August 31, 2023.   
    Transportation Policy:
    All K-6th grade students living more than two miles from school ride the bus for free.  All K-6th grade students living less than two miles from school have to pay to ride.  All students entering grades 7 or 8, irrespective of distance from school, are charged a transportation fee.  Reduced or waived fees are available for eligible families.  Financial Assistance Applications are available through the Business Office or at, Financial Assistance Application.

    School Transportation Fees for Lincoln resident students for the 2023-2024 School Year 

    Discounted fees are offered to families who will have more than one student purchasing transportation:
    First child $275
    Second child $200
    Third child $100 
    Family cap $575 

    See link below for a list of Lincoln roads and their distance to the Lincoln School, 6 Ballfield Road, Lincoln, MA 01773.  The standard of 2.0 miles should be measured as the distance traveled on public roads from a student's home to the door of the Lincoln School entrance on Ballfield Road.


    Lincoln School Bus Routes and Schedules 2023-2024

    As of September 18, 2023* subject to revision


    Town of Lincoln Buses:
    The Lincoln 2023-2024 Bus Routes 1-7 are posted below. If you requested transportation and you do not see your bus stop listed, please contact Marjorie Leonard-Jeremie, mjeremie@lincnet.org, 781-259-2646.
    Boston Buses:
    The Boston 2023-2024 Bus Routes 8-9 are posted below. If you have any questions about your bus route or bus stop, please contact Marika Hamilton at mhamilton@lincnet.org.  Boston Bus Routes may be revised during the first weeks of school and revised routes will be posted below as needed. 

Bus Routes 2023-24

Last Modified on October 10, 2023