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Information for Kindergarten 2020-2021

  •  The School Building Committee has launched a website for the
    Lincoln School Project! https://lincolnsbc.org
     The Lincoln School is an exceptional place for teaching and learning. I am anxious to start a new year with the goals and educational focus we have developed. I am continually encouraged and energized by the enthusiasm with which the Lincoln School community approaches the charge of educating the children. Teachers, parents, school committee and administration are working with a common purpose.


    Please know that we remain ready to support you and your child in the varied learning experiences that will be offered this year.


    The Lincoln Public Schools web site is a rich resource for families (www.lincnet.org). I encourage you to use the menu to the left to access information that will enhance your child's school experience. For volunteer opportunities, please click on the "Visiting and Volunteering" link. In addition, the Family Resources page offers a central location for you to access news and information that will support your ability to strengthen the Home-School collaboration.


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