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    If you need this document translated, please call your child’s school principal - Si necesita este documento traducido, por favor comuníquese con la escuela de su hijo - Se você precisa este documento traduzido, entre em contato com a escola do seu filho - Si vous avez besoin de traduire ce document, s'il vous plaît contacter l'école de votre enfant - 如果你需要这份文件翻译,请联系您的孩子的学校 - ،إذا طفلتك/طفلك بمدرسة الاتصال یرجى العربیة اللغة إلى الوثیقة ھذه ترجمة إلى تحتاجین/ تحتاج كنت


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    We are excited to be starting the 2021 Kindergarten enrollment process! Children who are Lincoln residents and will be five years of age by October 1, 2021 are eligible to enroll for 2021 Kindergarten at the Lincoln School.  Families whose children are kindergarten eligible are asked to complete this "intent to enroll" form to assist us with planning and to gather contact information so that we can communicate directly with you. 


    Please click here to register your kindergarten eligible child for the 2021-22 school year: New Student Online Registration

    If your child attends the Lincoln Preschool you should complete this intent to enroll form, but you will not need to complete additional registration forms since your child is already enrolled in the Lincoln Public Schools. 


    Click here to see the 2021-22 Welcome to Kindergarten sheet with an "Enrollment "To Do" List" and "Kindergarten Save the Date list":  Welcome to Kindergarten

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