Finance Overview

    The  financial operations of the Lincoln Public Schools are comprised of two basic budgets: one for the operation of the Lincoln School and a portion of the central administration and one for the operation of the schools located on Hanscom Air Force Base. The Lincoln School operation is funded primarily through appropriations  approved by the Annual Town Meeting with revenue raised through property tax and state aid.  Additionally, grants such as the Full Day Kindergarten grant, METCO and federal special education grants and reimbursement programs such as the special education circuit breaker program provide necessary funding to the support the school district.  


    The Hanscom Schools are operated by the Lincoln School Committee under contract with the Department of Defense.  Funds from the contract support the Hanscom schools and a portion of the central administration.  Additional grant funds also contribute to the operation of Hanscom programs. 



    Mary Ellen Normen

    Administrator for Business and Finance


    Marjorie Leonard-Jeremie

    Coordinator for Business Operations


Last Modified on August 14, 2023