School Building Committee (Current)

    Please visit the SBC's new website at https://lincolnsbc.org. It contains the latest news, project timeline, history of the project, and more. Meeting agendas, minutes, and other documents will continue to be posted on this page. 
    Contact the School Building Committee: sbc@lincnet.org

     Members of the School Building Committee

     Becky McFall, Superintendent  Gina Halsted, Finance Committee
     Buckner Creel, Administrator for Business and Finance  Kimberly Bodnar, Community Member
     Michael Haines, Town Facilities Manager  Chris Fasciano, Community Member
     Sharon Hobbs, Brooks School Principal  Craig Nicholson, Community Member
     Timothy Christenfeld, School Committee  Steven Perlmutter, Community Member
     Jennifer Glass, Board of Selectman  Peter Sugar, Community Member
    In addition, the work of the SBC will be supported by liaisons from the following Town boards and organizations:
     John Ritz, Lincoln Council on Disabilities  Gary Taylor, Planning Board
     Ed Lang, Green Energy Committee  Doug Adams, Historic Commission (with Andrew Glass as alternate)
     Ian Spencer, Public Safety  
Last Modified on September 11, 2017