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    Web Community Manager - Full Product Release Notes

    The software we use to edit the LPS website used to be called "Centricity". It is now called "Web Community Manager".

    Release 2.19 - Summer 2017

    The full Product Release Notes can be accessed by click the link above. 

    One of the most noticeable changes in this update is to the editor toolbar. There are now two editor toolbars, depending on which app you're using. 

    toolbar 1


    toolbar 2


    While it's true, that there are now fewer options in the toolbars, these changes, and others, were made because they add the following functionality:

    • Increased Accessibility
      • Content on the website is now more accessible to people using assistive technology devices such as screen readers.
    • Increased Adaptability
      •  Content now automatically adapts to the screen/device of the user such as mobile phones or tablets. 
    • Increased Consistency
      • Content across the website is now more consistent regardless of who posted the content. 





Last Modified on February 13, 2019