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    Student Use of Computers and Internet at School pdf

    Welcome to the Instructional Technology section for Lincoln School. There are two Technology Integration Specialists (Cindy Matthes and Mark McDonough) on the Lincoln Campus who provide direct instruction in technology to students, work with teachers to integrate technology into their core subjects and provide professional development to staff to support the use of technology in their teaching. Cindy teaches technology classes to grades 2, 3, 7 and 8, and Mark teaches classes to grades K, 1, 4,  5 and 6.

    All grades use technology by:

    • participating in everyday classroom activities
    • completing technology-infused projects
    • accessing technology components of textbooks
    • accessing skills-based software programs

    We use the following software in our classes:

    • Google (Classroom, Drive, Docs, Slides, Maps, ...)
    • Scratch® and ScratchJr (computer programming software)
    • Edutyping
    • Websites: research, skill exploration and practice

    To view specific Learning Outcomes by grade level or by Learning Standard, please visit the district's Technology Literacy Learning Expectations in the Curriculum and Instruction section of this website.


    The LPS Tech Plan as well as Parent Resources, and Faculty and Staff Resources can be found in the Technology section of this website.


    Ms. Matthes
    Cindy Matthes
    Technology Integration Specialist
    Mark McDonough
    Technology Integration Specialist
    Mr. McDonough
Last Modified on October 16, 2023