• Physical Exam Requirements

    Entry into School: Every student in Preschool to Grade 8 is required by state regulation to present evidence of a complete physical examination by a health care provider performed the last 12 months. A student transferred from another school system shall be considered an entering child unless school health records are transferred with the child showing that he/she has had documented physical exam in the school year of transfer. In addition, all K students must present evidence of one Lead test (with results) prior to entry.
    Subsequent Physical Exams: Every student is required to present evidence of a complete physical exam performed within past 12 months for entry into Grade 4 and entry into Grade 7.
    Other Circumstances Requiring Physical Exams:
    Physical examinations may be requested for the following reasons:
    • Children referred because of frequent absences due to unexplained illness.
    • Children referred because of known physical defects that require repeated appraisal.
    • Children referred from teacher-nurse conference because the child is not making expected progress in school or because of illness noted by the teacher or nurse. 
    • Children under 16 and over 14 years of age requesting employment certificates.
    • Children planning to participate in interscholastic sports, previous to such participation: Under Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Rules, all students must pass a physical examination within thirteen months of the start of the season which includes tryouts. Students who meet the criteria at the start of the season will remain eligible for that season. Tryouts for a sport are considered part of the season of play.

Medical Emergency Response Plan

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Last Modified on December 11, 2018