• Policy Area 5: Governance and Evaluation

    It is the responsibility of the district to provide through its operating budget or resources available from state or federal grants targeted for nutrition, food services or wellness programs sufficient funding to support at a reasonable level activities aimed at meeting the requirements of this policy (e.g. instructional time, staffing, food program quality, professional development, facilities, and administrative needs).
    Monitoring and evaluating
    The Superintendent and/or the Superintendent's designee will ensure compliance with the provisions of he established Wellness policy. Principals will monitor activities such as the physical education program, meal and snack scheduling, enrichment or after school programs, role of food in special events, fostering an environment that encourages healthy food and fitness choices among students, staff and parents. District food service staff will monitor the nutritional content of school lunch program. Central office will monitor district-based wellness activities such as professional development, training, licensure and certifications, food and beverage related contracts, and facilities needs. The administration will report to the School Committee periodically about the compliance with the Wellness policy.
    The district will establish a District Health Advisory Council (see Policy Area 4). This council is charged with supporting the effective implementation of this policy. The council shall establish a plan to assess how well the Wellness Policy is being managed and enforced, and then by this plan, monitor and evaluate school compliance. The Health Advisory Council will review compliance reports and national school health trends in order to suggest improvements or changes to the district program. The Health Advisory Council will coordinate their efforts with the district administration and collaborate with the administration on reports to the School Committee.
    NOTE: In a few instances, ideas or sentences from the “model policy” offered by National Alliance for Nutrition Activity”, from the policy of the Groton-Dunstable (MA) Regional Schools and from the policy of the Plymouth (MA) Public Schools have been used in compiling this policy for the Lincoln Public Schools.
Last Modified on September 8, 2012