• Policy Area 1: Nutrition Education Goals

    The curriculum of the Lincoln Public Schools will include instruction about knowledge and concepts associated with the development of healthy nutrition behaviors The Curriculum Frameworks of the Massachusetts Department of Education will serve as the primary guidance concerning topics. The main topics should include but not limited to Improving Nutrition, Safe and Adequate Food Supply, Social Influences on Healthy Food Choices.
    Education, Marketing and Promotions Outside Classroom
    Food services staff will seek opportunities through regular notice (e.g. menu handouts) and displays (e.g. posters in serving and dining areas) to reinforce the nutritional concepts that are being taught in classes.
    Teacher Training
    Nutrition information and concepts ill be taught by a licensed health education teachers or other licensed teachers who receive guidance or training from qualified health educators.
    Key issues to be monitored for Policy Area 1:
    • Knowledge and concepts related to nutrition as indicated by Frameworks are being taught.
    • Teachers responsible for nutrition education have appropriate licensing and training.
Last Modified on September 8, 2012