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Lincoln Public Schools

School(s):    All Schools
Grade(s):    PreK-8


Counseling is provided to students either by a social worker or school psychologist.  The purpose of school counseling is to develop social, emotional and behavioral skills and insight regarding emotional well-being and success in school settings.  Counselors help students understand how their behavior, emotions, motivations, and academic success can be linked.


Direct Services
  • Services can include school adjustment, social skills and pragmatics training, modeling, behavioral support and intervention, self-reflection and relaxation skills.  The range of services varies widely depending on a student's individualized needs.  Students meet with counselors on a regular basis in either small group or 1:1 settings. 
Indirect Services
  • Monitoring and consultation to parents and general education teachers as well as collateral consultation with community providers.
  • The social worker or school psychologist can be of assistance in helping families obtain private counseling to address emotional and/or family issues that fall outside of the purview of the public schools.
  • Coordination of behavioral/emotional/social services
  • Co-planning with the general education teachers
  • Participation in collaborative team meetings
  • IEP preparation
  • Observations
Transition Services
Counselors, social workers, and psychologists are involved in the transition process between grades and schools.

Last Modified on October 14, 2009
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