• Health Services


    School(s):    All Schools
    Grade(s):    PreK-8


    The Lincoln Public Schools have two full-time licensed school nurses who are central to all aspects of care and service delivery for students with special health care needs.  Each nurse is supported by a school health assistant or assistant nurse.


    • Services for students with health impairments may include:
    • Assess individual student health and development
    • Promote and maintain the health and well-being of students with disabilities
    • Develop Individual Health Care Plans for students with health conditions in collaboration with parents/guardians and health care providers
    • Implement the medical treatment plan including medication administration and monitoring and other specialized treatments
    • Coordinate communication between/among students, parents, the school community and health care providers
    • Illness assessment and care
    • Injury prevention, triage and treatment
    • Communicable disease prevention and control
    • State required health screenings including vision, hearing, postural, height, weight and body mass index
    Indirect Services
    • Monitoring of health-related needs and consultation to parents and general education teachers on the student's care
    • Coordination of health services
    • Participation in collaborative team meetings
    • Observations
    Transition Services
    The nurses are involved in the transition process between receiving and sending teachers and schools.  All essential information is shared and training is provided when needed.


Last Modified on January 21, 2022