• Map and Directions

     Location of the Lincoln Preschool at Hanscom:

    The Preschool classrooms are located in the kindergarten wing of the Hanscom Primary School.

    Entrance into the school: enter through the main school door and check in at the front desk. Parents enrolled in the program will receive additional information regarding daily drop-off procedures.

    Location of the Lincoln Preschool at Lincoln:

    The Preschool is located in the Early Childhood Center in the Hartwell Building, 6 Ballfield Road, Lincoln, Massachusetts 01773
    Entrance into the school: There are two entrances to the preschool. For safety reasons, the inside entrance door utilizes a security code. Staff will greet newcomers and instruct them in the use of the code and door operation.
    Parking is limited and traffic patterns provide for the safety of students and staff. Please follow the directions below:
    • Enter the Hartwell lot only via the first driveway on the right from the entrance road.
    • The first ten spots closest to the building complex are reserved for drop off and pick up during school hours. Many more than 10 families will be transporting children. Therefore, we ask you to be as quick as possible in vacating the space.
    • If you need to circle the lot, do so in a counter-clockwise direction.
    • Do NOT park in the 'handicapped' spots or the fire lanes. These are
    • reserved for handicapped accessibility and also for special education
    • mini-bus droop off.
    • Only exit a the far exit.
    • The speed limit is 5 mph.
    Lincoln & Hanscom Campuses

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Last Modified on November 18, 2018