• Transitions

    Transitioning from Early Intervention

    If your child is currently receiving services from the Minuteman Early Intervention program, you will be contacted by the Preschool Coordinator of the Lincoln Preschool when a copy of your child's IFSP has been received. The IFSP will only be sent with your permission based on conversations that you have with members of your Early Intervention team.

    The transition process starts early approximately 6-8 months prior to your child's third birthday. The goal is to have the process completed and next step recommendations completed well before the child's third birthday. The Early Intervention Service Coordinator will be in contact with the Preschool Coordinator to arrange a meeting known as the Transition Planning Conference (TPC). When possible the meeting is arranged for a time when your child receives services from Early Intervention. The meeting allows the school system to observe your child and interact with you regarding your concerns. Information is shared regarding your child's progress and current goals.

    Children transitioning from Early Intervention are also contacted by the Lincoln Preschool to arrange a screening. The screenings are conducted at the Lincoln Preschool and are typically scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm. Teachers and/or therapists from the Lincoln Preschool will observe your child and complete an assessment. The screening team looks at many aspects of a child's development including language, speech, behavior, motor, play and cognition. Parents are asked to complete a Developmental History prior to or during this screening appointment. The information gathered in conjunction with that shared at the Transition Planning Conference will be used to determine areas that require further evaluation. You will receive written notification regarding the results of the screening.

    If additional evaluations are recommended, you will receive an evaluation consent form which requires your signature. When this is received by the Lincoln Preschool, evaluators in the areas identified will be in contact with you to arrange times for the assessment(s) to be completed. You will also receive a meeting invitation for the TEAM meeting. Reports in the identified area(s) will be sent to you 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. At the meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the evaluators who will provide a brief summary of their results. Recommendations and next steps will be discussed at that time with written notification to follow. The TEAM meeting occurs within 45 school days of the receipt of the signed evaluation consent form.
Last Modified on May 31, 2016