Bus Expectations

  • clock   Be on Time ...

    • Morning-Do not chase bus.  Go to last stop on am route 
    • Afternoon-Be to bus stop 10 mins before scheduled time

    point on map   No Bus Tracking via Monitors

    • Do not call monitors to track bus

    heartbeat   Student reports symptoms during ride

    • Monitor report to nurse upon arrival

    Children with any illness MUST be picked up from the school within hour of receiving call

    Communicate: E-mail to school administrative assistant to inform us of stop change prior to 12:30pm no later than date of pick up


    bus with kids    bus with kids    bus with kids


     red cross icon BE SAFE: Listen to the bus driver and monitor

    • Wear mask at all times while on bus
    • Sit in assigned seat as you board bus
    • Remain seated - do not climb over/under seats
    • Keep your bag/any other items on seat and out aisle
    • Keep your hands, arms, heads inside the bus and don’t throw anything or shout out the windows


    apple and drink   NO FOOD OR DRINK

    • Avoid safety issues: choking and slipping on spills
    • Allergies:
      • Many food allergies make a person feel sick by eating that food.
      • Some allergies are so serious that smelling or touching the food could cause a reaction
    • Crumbs invite insects - we don’t want them on the bus!


    hands shaking   SHOW RESPECT

    • Greet driver and bus monitor
    • Talk quietly - do not yell
    • Use headphones when using a device with audio
    • Do not use inappropriate or unkind words
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
    • Do not touch anyone else’s belongings


     hand pointing If rules are not followed…

    • Bus conduct report
    • Parent/Guardian notification
    • Short-term suspension from the bus
    • Loss of bus privileges
Last Modified on November 11, 2020