• Report Card Information

    We believe that an approach to learning and teaching anchored in clear standards provides every student with a strong curriculum and gives teachers the solid ground on which to design and carry out excellent and innovative teaching.

    Reporting on student learning should reveal how well students achieve relative to the standards at the foundation of instruction. Therefore, the Lincoln Public School district has developed report cards at all grade levels to show student learning in terms of grade level indicators that are connected to larger standards.

    The document resources and podcasts below offer parents more information about our approach to teaching and learning and about the report cards. For further information, please contact the office of the Assistant Superintendent at 781-259-9401.

  • Report Card Information in pdf format

    These document resources provide parents with the actual report card at each grade.


    There are also pdf documents about our approach which is “standards-based.”

  • Assessment Podcasts

    These podcasts are interviews between former Assistant Superintendent, Mary Sterling, and Lincoln parent, Randy Harrison. These informal conversations explore questions parents are asking about the assessment system, the report cards, and the frequent reference to standards.


    Podcast download times will vary depending on your Internet connection. For high-speed connections, each podcast should take no more than 10-15 seconds to load.

  • Podcast #1

    by Mary Sterling & Randy Harrison Length: 3:57
    • What is a standard?
    • Where does critical thinking fit in?
    • Where do the standards come from?
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  • Podcast #2

    by Mary Sterling & Randy Harrison Length: 4:52
    • Where does MCAS come in?
    • Are we teaching to the test?
    • How does an approach based on standards address individual student needs?
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  • Podcast #3

    by Mary Sterling & Randy Harrison Length: 4:11
    • What happens for students who reach standards easily?
    • What is a "learning target?"
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  • Podcast #4

    by Mary Sterling & Randy Harrison Length: 6:38
    • How does the scoring scale (4-3-2-1-) work?
    • What does a “2” really mean?
    • How do students earn a “4?”
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Last Modified on September 20, 2022