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    We will depart from  school on Thursday, April 2nd and will return during the school day on Friday, April 3rd.  Students will be back in time for regular school dismissal and will be able to take their buses home.  Students are going to bring their overnight gear to school on Thursday morning.  A van will transport their possessions to the Museum of Science.  Being mindful of the high cost of transportation and the desire to teach children life skills, we are planning on departing school at 12:30 on Thursday afternoon in small groups (5-6 students with 1 adult chaperone) and walk to the Lincoln Commuter Rail Station near Donelans.  We will take the 1:01 train that arrives in North Station at 1:38.  The MBTA has been contacted and the cost of this transportation is included in the fee. We will walk from North Station to the Aquarium to board the Duck Boats for a tour.  After we will walk over to Faneuil Hall where the students will have dinner at Faneuil Hall in their small groups.  After dinner we will walk over to the Museum of Science to arrive and check in at the Museum of Science at 6:00.  Students will stay at the museum the following morning and complete the rest of the MOS overnight program.  Students will stay at the museum for lunch and will then board busses for our return to campus.  Thanks to the generous support of the PTA, the trip will be $82.00 and the students will need enough spending money to buy dinner in Faneuil Hall and lunch at the museum. (It has been suggested that we offer an estimated amount of cash to provide to your children and we agreed that $30.00 would be generous.)



    Here is an internet link directly to the Museum of Science Boston - Overnight Programs


    What to Pack?

    Packing List Letter



    Sample Schedule provided by the Museum of Science, Boston

    Sample Schedule


    Adult Chaperone General Information provided by the Museum of Science, Boston

    Some of this information will not apply to you since I will be taking care of registration and trip details.  However, I thought that some of you would like to read through this for more general knowledge.

    Adult Information





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