• Massachusetts Farm to School Harvest of the Month

    By partnering with Massachusetts Farm to Schools, we share their values.
    Mission - Mass. Farm to School strengthens local farms and fisheries and promotes healthy communities by increasing local food purchasing and education at schools. 
    Vission- All Massachusetts schools consistently teach about and serve local foods, supporting vibrant local farming and fishing communities and healthy schools, students and families. 
    Priority Goals

    Over the next 3 years, our work we will focus on the following 6 priorities.

    1. 1. Increased Local Food Tracking, Procurement and Sales.
    2. 2. New policies enacted that support farm to school activity.
    3. 3. Community of people active in farm to school is grown, diversified and more engaged at various levels.
    4. 4. More schools implementing food & agriculture education.
    5. 5. Greater equity in farm to school activity.
    6. 6. MFTS is healthy and sustained.

    Harvest of the Month for March -  Dairy 

    This month we will feature Dairy 

    Please see the recipes below.

    Monthly Recipes:

    Featured recipes:

    Strawberry Cornbread Panzanella

    Jalapeno Corn Muffins


    Come see what's new and fresh in our cafeterias!





Last Modified on March 16, 2023