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    The VHS Collaborative is a non-profit organization that offers content-rich high school- and some middle school-level courses to students across the country and around the world. Through Virtual High School, Lincoln Public Schools is able to increase the course offerings available to our students. Virtual High School courses tend to be challenging, and are targeted toward students who are motivated and ready to take on this extra challenge. Most VHS courses run for one semester rather than the entire school year. Students register in June for the Fall Semester; and in December for the Spring Semester. For well-prepared and motivated middle school students, VHS offers two options:

    Option 1. High school courses that accept a small number of capable 8th graders, at the discretion of the instructor
    Option 2. Middle school courses that are designed for, and open only to, 7th and 8th graders.
    LPS 8th graders may choose from either of the above two options. LPS 7th graders are limited to Option 2, and may not take a VHS course until second semester (which starts in January) of the 7th grade.

    These courses are generally rigorous and demand from 3 to 5 hours of weekly work from students which they complete on their own time, nights and weekends. VHS work is in addition to their regular Lincoln School course load.They do not replace courses offered by LPS teachers. Students who successfully complete a VHS online course tend to possess the following skills or characteristics:
    • highly self-motivated
    • excellent managers of their time
    • able to work independently
    • complete assignments on time
    • able to express themselves in writing
    • proficient in word processing
    • proficient in navigating the Web
    The current course catalogue can be found on the VHS website: http://thevhscollaborative.org/catalog. Select "Program: Middle School" for "middle school only" courses and "Gifted and Talented Middle School" for high school courses that are also open to middle school students. For more information, contact your school's VHS site coordinator.

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Last Modified on December 6, 2021