• School Improvement Council

    Lincoln School Council


    The Lincoln School Council, as required by the 1993 MA Educational Reform Act, is comprised of representatives of all parts of the school community: parents, faculty, administration and the wider Lincoln community. It meets six times during the school year and is charged with: 

    ~ assisting the Principal in the identification of the educational needs of all students
    ~ reviewing the annual school budget
    ~ setting priorities for the development of a School Improvement Plan that is tied to the district’s Action Plan


    School Council Members

    Name Role
    Sarah Collmer Principal K-4
    Sharon Hobbs Principal 5-8
    Sylvia Perry 5-8 Parent
    Hannah Stevenson K-4 Parent
    Cindy DeChristofaro 5-8 Parent
    Melissa Webster
    K-4 Teacher
    Valerie Fox Community Representative
    Cathie Bitter K-4 Parent
    Corinne Hairston-Parris 5-8 Teacher


    School Improvement Plan

    Lincoln School - School Improvement Plan 2017-18


    School Council Meeting Minutes


Last Modified on January 18, 2018