Sleep and School Performance

  • Lincoln Public Schools

    Sleep and the School Aged Child

    These are some techniques to help your child sleep at night:

    • Deep Pressure (Proprioception)
      • Hugs before bed
      • Pillow squish
        • Press a pillow or ball on the child’s body providing them with deep pressure.
      • Heavy or weighted blankets
      • Kid Burrito
        • Roll your child into a “burrito” with the covers before bed
      • Beddy’s sheets
      • Lycra bed topsheet
        • Stretches
      • Gentle strokes on face
      • Use an electric toothbrush for oral sensory input*
    • Movement (Vestibular)
      • Sit in a rocking chair before bed
    • Touch
      • Use recently dried blankets (that are still warm) for bedtime.
      • Give them a warm stuffed animal
        • ex) Intelex Cozy Microwaveable Plush
      • Smell
        • Essential oils like lavender
      • Sound
        • White noise machine
        • Noise cancelling headphones
      • Vision
        • Before bed, watch:
          • fish in an aquarium
          • A lava lamp
        • A dimmable night light
        • Avoid watching TV, playing with iPad, and playing with loud and bright toys.
        • A visual schedule to help establish a night routine.
          • Use a pocket chart with printable cards
        • Visual Sleep Clock
          • Clock tells child if it is ok to wake up and get out of bed
            • BabyZoo Alarm Clock
            • OktoWake! Alarm clock


    *It is important to note that many children react differently to activities that are ‘typically calming’. These activities are just a general guideline.


    Created by: Giselle Rooney, OTS and Dori Fishbone, M.S., OTR/L