• Movement Activities 

    * It is important to note that many children react differently to activities that are typically "calming" or typically "energizing" and these are just a general guidline 

    Movement Activities

    Calming Activities

    Morning Stretch

    Reach up to sky on tiptoes, then bend down to toes and hold/hang there for 10 counts, repeat 5 times.



    Have the children stand up and give themselves enough room to stretch their arms out at their sides, then bend at waist from side to side swinging arms along with movement


    Animal Walks

    Snake – Slither on floor over to rug, trying to use only hands/arms, no legs
    Frog - Leap like a frog over to rug
    Bear – Walk on all fours with straight arms and legs, rear-end pointed up
    Crab – Walk backwards on all fours, belly facing up, elbows and knees are bent


    Washing Machine

    Use a laundry bag filled with ball pit balls, have the child get into the bag, tighten the draw string a little and drag the bag a round to simulate a washing machine


    Sing ABC’s or count while jumping on the trampoline



    You can pretend to make a fajita: place paper toppings on the floor, have the child pretend to be the tortilla, have the child roll over all “toppings” to make the fajita
    Body bowling: setup plastic bottles as bowling pins and have the child roll his body to knock down the pins
    Make a burrito by rolling the child up in a blanket or sheet
    Make “Hot dogs” roll child slightly in a blanket/towel/body sock and with slow firm, steady pressure rub “ketchup”, “mustard”. “relish” and “onions”, etc. up and down the child’s length


    Steamroller with Therapy Ball

    Have the child lay down on their belly or back and roll the therapy ball over them with some increased pressure frequently checking with the child if they want more or less pressure


    Yoga Animals
    Holding yoga animal positions for 10 seconds


    Move small massager along child’s back, arms, and legs


    Providing the child with a firm hug 

    Straw activities

    Drink pudding or applesauce through a straw
    Using a straw and cotton ball to play “soccer” on the floor or on the table


    Listening to slow and rhythmical music


    Heavy Work

    Carry crate of books or a heavy bean bag while walking in line
    Stand facing wall, press flat palms against wall and try to “push” the wall over, count to 5, 5 times
    Sit facing wall with feet against wall and try to push over wall with legs