Grade 3 Curriculum

  • We begin the year reading a chapter book called Mr. Crumb's Secret by Phyllis J. Perry.  In each chapter of this story, the main character uses a different reference source. As the main character Fribble uses a new reference source, we practice using it in class.  Some of the sources we practice using are:





  • This unit begins with the reading of selkie tales.  An underlying question throughout the selkie tales is "Are seals like humans"? The reading of these tales leads into a research unit about seals. This research unit allows us to practice working together with the third graders as they hone their research skills. Some of the selkie tales we read are:

      Greyling by Jane Yolen

      The Selkie Girl by Susan Cooper

      Seal Mother by Mordecai Gerstein

      Seal Prince by Sheila MacGill-Callahan

      Nicholas Pipe by Robert San Souci

  • Having practiced using research skills, the third graders embark on a research project of their own.  The students pick a subject and product to share with the class.  Using a few sources to gather information, the student organize their information, cite their sources and create their product!  This is an exciting time in the HPS Library!  

  • To end our year, we reward the hard work of our third graders by sharing an enchanting selkie tale.

Last Modified on February 8, 2015