• Welcome to the Lincoln School Mental Health Team Web Page. This page is created so that teachers, parents, guardians, and their children can find practical information related to mental health issues that are both useful and enlightening. Our goal is to help children adjust and adapt to the school environment so that they can feel safe, secure, and ready to learn. It is important that all students feel that they are vital members of our school community and we strive to find ways for all children to have a sense of belonging.



    All children and youth can face problems from time to time related to learning; social relationships; making difficult decisions; or managing emotions such as feeling depressed, anxious, worried, or isolated. School psychologists and adjustment counselors help students, families, educators, and members of the community understand and resolve both long-term, chronic problems and short-term issues that students may face. They are a highly skilled and ready resource in the effort to ensure that all children and youth thrive in school, at home, and in life.


    Shelley Moeller 
    School Adjustment Counselor 
    Grades K-4
    Ext. 3208
    Alyssa Rosenfeld
    School Adjustment Counselor
    Grades 5-8
    Ext. 1141
    Lauren Taylor
    School Psychologist
    Grades K-2
    Ext. 2213
    Bethany Dionne
    School Psychologist
    Grades 3-6
    Ext. 1137
    Elizabeth Hamblin
    School Psychologist
    Grades 6-8
    Ext. 1124
Last Modified on December 11, 2019