• Vision Statement and Core Values of the Lincoln Public Schools


    Vision Statement

    The Lincoln Public Schools seek to unite our communities in challenging and equipping our students to acquire essential skills and knowledge, think creatively and independently, exhibit academic excellence, appreciate and respect diversity, display creativity, value reflection, and demonstrate social and emotional competencies.

    Core Values

    Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning
    The Lincoln Public Schools aspire to provide authentic learning experiences that allow children to develop the life long learning skills of critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. Deep learning that allows for creativity and individualization is highly valued. We believe that taking risks in teaching and learning leads to growth and an intrinsic desire for continual learning.

    We aspire to engage every child in learning that is appropriately challenging for their developmental level and their individual level of readiness. We strive to provide a learning environment that allows students and educators to develop a growth mindset, where perseverance, risk taking and challenge lead to learning.

    We believe that clear expectations for learning paired with continual meaningful feedback leads to high levels of achievement. Learning is a social endeavor that is dependent upon high levels of collaboration between educators, between students, and between educators, students, and families. We encourage educators and students to infuse their passion and aspirations into their work.
    Respect for Every Individual
    The Lincoln Public School community strives to embrace our differences and build upon our similarities. We strive to create a safe, inclusive learning environment that values our varied beliefs and differences in race, ethnicity, culture, language, socio-economics, gender identity, sexual orientation, learning differences, and family configurations. We work to engage in conversations that deepen our understanding of our differences and to learn from our collective experience. We acknowledge our biases in order to build empathy and understanding. We strive to create a learning environment in which educators, students, and families can share their beliefs and cultural practices and work collectively to develop practices that are respectful of all members of the community. We strive to develop understanding of world cultures beyond our community to assist our students in becoming contributing members of the global society. 
    Collaboration and Community 
    The Lincoln Public Schools strive to create a learning community that provides opportunities for all voices to be heard. We value open and honest communication that leads to greater understanding and creative solutions to complex problems. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels safe to express their thoughts and feelings. We assume good will and the best intentions and are forgiving of mistakes or oversights in communication that are bound to occur from time to time.

    We strive to instill in students a sense of ownership of the Lincoln learning community and a responsibility to themselves and their local, national, and global communities. We work to model the belief that concern for the well being of others and the environment is a civic obligation.

    We acknowledge a collective responsibility for the education of our children. We expect that educators will collaborate with each other to set high expectations for teaching and learning and include students and families in conversations about how to best meet the needs of our children.

Last Modified on March 7, 2018