• Superintendent's Entry Plan


    Superintendent's Entry Plan Report

    Lincoln Public Schools

    Rebecca E. McFall, Ed.D.


    Superintendent Entry Plan


    In order to ensure a smooth transition, my entry process began in the spring of 2012. The purpose of the entry plan outlined in this document is to communicate the process being used to guide my developing understanding of the Lincoln Public Schools and the Lincoln, Hanscom, and METCO communities. In addition, the plan provides a road map for how information will be gathered to inform my understanding of the current state of the schools including strengths and successes as well as areas for growth and improvement. Synthesis and analysis of key findings from the entry plan process will be shared with the School Committee in late winter. The key outcomes from my entry plan will be used to inform our development of the 2013 – 2014 District Goals.

    The goal of the entry plan is to gain understanding of:


    • teaching and learning practices and outcomes
    • Achievement Gaps that currently exist
    • school and district culture and communication
    • employee morale
    • efficiency and effectiveness of practices and systems
    • relationships between the schools and its families
    • relationships between the Lincoln School District and the Town Boards and Departments

    In addition, the entry process provides an opportunity to build strong, positive, open relationships with members of the communities served by the Lincoln Public Schools. 

    In order to achieve the goals of the entry plan, a wide array of community members will be interviewed either individually or in a group setting. Classroom observations will be used to gather information about instruction and student learning. Community forums and coffees will be held. Superintendent Office Hours will be established for brief, dropin, appointments. On-going, regular meetings will take place with Central Office and school based Administrators. Regular meetings will be established with the School Committee Chair.


    • Information gathered through the entry process will be assessed on the basis of alignment with the following Core Values:
    • Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning
    • Respect for Every Individual
    • Collaboration and Community

    The following documents will be reviewed to inform my understanding of the Lincoln Public Schools:


    • FY13 Budget
    • 5 Point Plan for Narrowing Achievement Gaps
    • METCO Plan and Report
    • Collective Bargaining Contracts
    • Policy Manual
    • Hanscom Contract
    • 2011 MCAS Report
    • 2012 MCAS Results
    • Parent and Student Handbook
    • Evaluation Handbook
    • Attendance and Discipline Records
    • Personnel Policies and Practices
    • Grants
    • MA Evaluation Regulations
    • Wellness Policy


    Interview Questions for School Based Community Members:


    • What would you like me to know about your school?
    • What would you like me to know about the district?
    • What would you like me to know about you as a (insert role)?
    • As you look ahead to the coming year and the leadership transition, what are
    • your hopes?
    • Are there specific ways that I can support your work and growth?
    • Can you give me one piece of advice to consider as I move forward?
    • What questions do you have for me?



    Interview Questions for non-School Based Community Members:


    • Please fill me in about your roles and responsibilities.
    • What do you see as the strengths of the Lincoln Public Schools?
    • What do you see as the areas that we need to work on?
    • What must be maintained at all costs?
    • Can you give me one piece of advice to consider as I move forward?



    Interviews and Meetings from April through August:


    Current Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent

    Chairman, Lincoln School Committee

    Hanscom Parent Ambassador

    HPS Team Leaders

    HMS Team Leaders

    Lincoln Primary School Team Leaders

    Lincoln Middle School Team Leaders

    METCO Director

    Brooks School Principal

    Smith School Principal

    Hanscom Middle School Principal

    Hanscom Primary School Principal

    LTA Co-Presidents

    Business Administrator

    Assistant Superintendent

    Tour of Hanscom Air Force Base

    Military Child Conference



    Administrator for Student Services

    Lincoln PTO President

    Administrative Council

    Administrative Council with School Committee

    Curriculum Leaders

    Lincoln School Mental Health Team

    METCO Parent Group meeting in Boston

    Military Child Conference



    Educator Evaluation PLC planning meeting

    Educator Evaluation PLC information meetings

    Lincoln PTO meeting

    Curriculum Leaders

    Central Office Administrators

    School Committee/Administrative Council goal setting meeting



    Central Office Administrative Assistants (1 group meeting and individual meetings)

    Facilities Manager

    Town Administrator

    Town Finance Director

    Assistant Town Administrator

    School Committee Members

    Hanscom Custodial Group

    Lincoln Custodial Group

    Food Services Director

    Network Manager


    Lincoln Education Foundation

    Preschool Coordinator

    Facilities Tour of Hanscom and Lincoln Schools

    Visit to Extended School Year Programs

    Hanscom Building Project meeting

    MSBA meeting

    MASS Superintendent Induction Program

    MASS conference



    School Committee Members

    Website Manager

    Data Manager

    School Nurse

    Hanscom Air Force Base, Base Commander and Hanscom Parent Liaison

    Lincoln Council on Aging

    Wellness Representative, MIIA for the Town of Lincoln

    FinCom/CapCom meeting

    Conservation Commission meeting

    Community Based Justice meeting

    METCO Parent Group meeting

    Bus Drivers

    Sudbury Public Schools, Superintendent

    Lincoln Sudbury High School, Principal/Superintendent

    Chief of Police


    To be scheduled:

    School Committee Members

    Coordinator of Student Services, Lincoln

    Coordinator of Student Services, Hanscom

    Instructional Technology Specialists

    Additional Faculty

    Fire Chief

    Board of Selectmen

    Department of Public Works

    Bedford Public Schools, Superintendent

    Massachusetts Audubon

    De Cordova Museum

    Lincoln Recreation


    Magic Garden



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