Thursday, but only just

Posted by Kristin Hall on 7/13/2017

It was a busy day!  I've met other theatre educators from all over - Illinois, Georgia, Rhode Island, Toronto.  I attended workshops that made me think, inspired me, taught me some things that I didn't know  ... and, yes, I did learn a dance from Hamilton!  I won't claim that I did it well, but I got better at it as I went.  I just needed to run it a few more times.  After that experience I will ALWAYS make sure that students get to practice the audition dance for the musical as many times as they need to do it!


I'll write more about the workshops later, becuse I need to get some sleep - but I will add that I really enjoyed Anastasia tonight.  I knew the basics of the story, but have never seen the movie, so I didn't have any specific expectations.  It was a charming story with some powerful moments, and the cast was great.  But if I'm going to gush about this one, it is the costumes ... oh the costumes!  The actors said in the talk back (after the show) that they had between 8 and 11 changes, and that some of them counted down during the show "Just 3 more ... Just 2 more ..."  One, they said, was just 45 seconds long, and involved almost the full cast.  Of course they had a cast of about 20, not the middle school standard of 50 plus!  There was one scene, when the characters attend the ballet in Paris, that had more sequins than I have ever seen in one place at one time.  I'm guessing it was a dream for the designer, but perhaps not for the crew that built the costumes.  (It is not usually the designer of the sets, lights or costumes that does the actual creation of them ... at least at the Broadway level.)


So now, sleep, and ready for another full day tomorrow.