• LPS Portrait of a Learner Framework


    The Portrait of a Learner Framework grew in response to a combination of classroom observations, research from the field, and many conversations with faculty and staff. It describes a set of Core Practices that mark the essential qualities of thriving learning environments, in any school context, for both students and adults. They help us shift from more traditional school models to learning spaces that are more equitable, holistic, and engaging. Naming these Core Practices provides us with common language about teaching and learning, uniting and directing our efforts as a community. By strengthening each of the Core Practices of the Framework, we can honor our commitments to AIDE, SEL, and Deeper Learning, and move closer to our vision of the Portrait of a Learner.


    Thriving learning environments are centered around the student experience. As such, the Portrait of a Learner Framework is organized by three Guiding Questions, asked from the perspective of the learner. Threaded within and through each Guiding Question and Core Practice is the Equity Pause, where we are charged with reflecting on how our commitment to AIDE shows up in learning environments. Attention to each of the Guiding Questions, for each student, is essential to creating a thriving learning community for all.


    Core Practces


    Orientation to the LPS Portrait of a Learner Framework


    How the Framework was Made


Last Modified on June 21, 2023