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    Keith Johnson~ K-8 Faculty Curriculum Leader for Social Studies

    Let no one be discouraged by the belief there is nothing one person can do against the enormous array of the world's ills, misery, ignorance, and violence. Few will have the greatness to bend history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. And in the total of all those acts will be written the history of a generation.
    ~ Robert Kennedy



    The importance of the teaching of social studies may be traced back to the beginnings of civilization. When cultures foster appreciation and understanding of each other through the education of their children, positive relations are fostered and peace and prosperity are achieved. To that end, the goal of the Lincoln Public Schools through the study of social studies is to facilitate within our student population the capacity to make educated and thoughtful decisions in support of the common good and to help students recognize their individual role as global citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic nation in an interdependent world. Today's Lincoln students, as tomorrow's adults, must be prepared to respond positively and effectively to the issues of climate change, a rapidly growing world population, a fluctuating economy and a myriad of political and social issues that will challenge them to think internationally and act conscientiously.

    The ideals of freedom, equal rights, rule of law, tolerance of diversity, personal and civic responsibility and the value of human dignity and self-respect are taught, modeled, learned and practiced beginning with units of study such as Friends, Family and Community in Kindergarten to Challenges Facing Ancient River Civilizations in the middle school. From decision-making within a mock trial to collecting bikes for the people of Ghana, students in the Lincoln Public Schools are provided with a strong foundation of experiential learning through the social studies that will develop an inclusive view of our world and thus empower them to – in the words of Gandhi –

    "Be the change they wish to see in the world."

    Based upon the Massachusetts State Frameworks, the Social Studies curriculum in the Lincoln Public Schools is a coordinated, systemic program of studies that draws upon the companion subject areas of anthropology, archaeology, civics and government, history, geography and cultures, community, economics, religion, psychology, sociology as well as content from the humanities, mathematics, natural sciences and technology. 

    The Learning Expectations that follow provide information about the Big Ideas for Social Studies and the Key Outcomes and Essential Knowledge and Skills that students will learn in grades K-8.

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    Social Studies Learning Expectations

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