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    Lynn Fagan ~ Preschool Coordinator



    The goal of the Lincoln Preschool is to provide a developmentally appropriate preschool experience that addresses each individual child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. The Lincoln Preschool sets high standards for all children while valuing and accommodating individual differences, strengths, and needs.

    The Lincoln Preschool staff consists of teachers, therapists, and paraprofessionals all of whom work with children to promote skills of play and interpersonal development. Children are provided with opportunities to engage in active hands-on exploration which fosters confidence, self-esteem, creativity, and learning.

    A primary focus of the preschool program is to foster a child’s social/emotional growth. The Lincoln Preschool works towards promoting social experiences of the young students as we develop cognitive, language and motor skills. Through the implementation of the Devereaux Early Childhood Assessment, the teachers are able to focus on identifying each individual child’s social and emotional strengths in order to plan and implement strategies for building protective factors including initiative, self control, and attachment.

    The Lincoln Preschool curriculum is developmentally appropriate and aligned with the primary school curriculum on the Lincoln and Hanscom campuses. Learning Expectations for preschool students in four domains -- social/emotional, math, science and language arts -- prepare students for entry into primary school. Click on the links below for detail on each area of Learning Expectations.


     Preschool Learning Expectations


    English Language Arts



Last Modified on November 10, 2016