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Lincoln Public Schools

School Improvement Council

Lincoln School Council


The Lincoln School Council, as required by the 1993 MA Educational Reform Act, is comprised of representatives of all parts of the school community: parents, faculty, administration and the wider Lincoln community. It meets six times during the school year and is charged with: 

~ assisting the Principal in the identification of the educational needs of all students
~ reviewing the annual school budget
~ setting priorities for the development of a School Improvement Plan that is tied to the district’s Action Plan


School Council Members

Name Role
Sarah Collmer Principal K-4
Sharon Hobbs Principal 5-8
John Lynch 5-8 Parent
Audrey Kalmus K-4 Parent
Cindy DeChristofaro
5-8 Parent
Melissa Webster
K-4 Teacher
Gina Halsted Community
Cathie Bitter K-4 Parent
Claudia Fox Tree and Jaime Moody 5-8 Teacher


School Improvement Plan


School Council Meeting Minutes

2016-2017 2015-2016

Last Modified on November 18, 2016
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