Posted by Jen James on 5/22/2013

It's been a BUSY week for the school garden.  We've planted seeds with 8th graders, 6th graders, and 3rd graders.  Our seedlings, which are growing on trays in the windows in the library, include:  cucumbers, tomatoes, tarragon, basil and squash.  In a few weeks, these seedlings will be big and strong enough to be planted outside.
We also have things growing in the garden--peas, strawberries and tomatoes and a wonderful herb circle.  Our helpers in the garden include the fifth grade, the fifth grade girl scouts and the following high school students:  Amanda Fasciano, Andrew Fasciano, Indrani Kharbanda and Ben Pelon.  
Next week we will be joined by some seniors from the high school, who will be building raised beds to hold a lot of our seedlings!  
Please stop by and see what's growing in the garden and in the library.  We'd love to see you!