S120 Update

Posted by Cheri Wing-Jones on 5/5/2014

              Last week, our first week back after the Spring Break, included practicing a Safety Drill with our classmates, teachers and the Lincoln police and fire departments. All went smoothly as we followed our teacher to the designated waiting spot. Officers were on hand to let us know what a great job we had done. Then we returned to class. We had some questions and will ask you, parents, if we have more about safety drills.
Literacy - We are working on reading biographies and researching information on a website called www.pebblego.com about famous people who have made or are making a difference in the world. We  will soon choose one of the people we have learned about to feature in a project. It's tough having to choose just one person!  We love the website www.pebblego.com that includes original photos and a video of each famous person.
It was "Poem in My Pocket" Day on Thursday, May 1. We each chose a favorite poem (again! difficult to choose just one!). Mrs. Ponn ran off a copy for us to carry in our pockets all day. We read them to one another. Poets in our pockets included Shel Silverstein, e.e. cummings, Jack Prelutsky, Ted Scheu (Poetry Guy!), Judith Viorst, David McCord and others.
We are finishing up Fudge-a-Mania by Judy Blume, our Read-Aloud Literature. It does make us laugh and was recommended by Sam, who loves these characters!
We are working on Organizational goals in writing: beginning, middle and endings; bold beginnings; using details in order to help the reader picture my story and using a "satisfying" ending that "wraps up the story". We get better the more we practice!
Math -   We are finishing up work on fractions this week.
Science and Social Studies  To learn more about Inclined Planes, we took turns sitting in or pushing a wheelchair on the gradual part of the berm and the steep side of the berm (inclined planes) near the baseball field on our playground. Ask me about this!