S120 Update

Posted by Cheri Wing-Jones on 4/16/2014

Puppet Shows:
Thank you to all who were able to attend our puppet show performances in the "Castle Story Room" today. We enjoyed performing Lon Po Po, Rumpelstiltskin and Big Al for you. Thanks to the parents who helped us create the puppets in art class (or at home).  If you were unable to attend today, we hope you can stop by our second grade puppet display in the school library.....coming soon!
Our Very Own Puppet Shows Review:
 Here is our first "review", from Mrs. Dwyer's fourth grade class, who attended our Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday:
    Dear Ms. Wing-Jones' Class,
                     Thank you for inviting us to your puppet shows! We couldn't wait to see them because we had so much fun doing them
      ourselves! We think you did an outstanding job making the stories come alive. You each enunciated your words so we could understand and
      follow the stories.  You all got into your characters by changing your voices, using accents, and giving them personalities. The
      puppets looked like they went with the stories and their settings. The details you put onto your puppets made them eye-catching
      and unique. The props were really cool! 
                     We loved seeing how your puppets and shows were different than ours! BRAVO! 
      Mrs. Dwyer's Class
Ask Us About:
We also attended the Grade 5 through 8 Science Fair in Brooks Gym today. We enjoyed the exhibits; seeing the demonstrations and asking questions of the scientists. Ask us about our favorite exhibits and what we learned that was new or interesting. Ms. Wing-Jones enjoyed seeing former students as scientists and really liked the exhibit that investigated the "Five Second Rule"! (Hint: Ask us about bacteria and petri dishes.)
 It has been a busy week! We are looking forward to Spring Break!