Lincoln School Committee
Minutes of November 21, 2002
Hartwell Building, Lincoln MA

  1. Greetings and Call to Order
    The meeting was called to order by Sue Hollingsworth, Chair, at 7:07 p.m.
    Members present included: Sue Hollingsworth, Chair, Jan Nyquist, Anne Doyle, Mark Smith, Hanscom Representative, Michelle Gardner Ince, Hanscom Representative, and Sherice Horton, METCO Representative.
    Also present were Michael Brandmeyer, Superintendent, Jeanne Whitten, Assistant Superintendent, and Dave Jack, School Business Administrator.
    Members absent: Mark Masterson and Ashton Peery.

  2. Chairpersons and Members report
    Sue Hollingsworth complimented the Task Force for the remarkable job they did on their report and the findings they presented to the public on Wednesday, November 20, 2002. She also thanked the Girl Scouts for providing refreshments.

    Anne Doyle will send a formal thank you from the School Committee to the members of the Task Force.

    Ms. Hollingsworth also announced and welcomed the new School Committee METCO Representative, Sherice Horton.

  3. Superintendentís Report
    Mr. Brandmeyer congratulated the Task Force on the phenomenal job they did this past year. He complimented them on their very insightful work and is grateful that the School Committee now has a firm foundation on which to base future decisions.

  4. Public Comments
    Lincoln parents of first graders proposed to the School Committee that they would like to add approximately three hours per week to the grade one teacher assistant hours for the remainder of the school year. The grade one parents proposed to raise these funds of approximately $3,700.

    Members of the School Committee requested data from the principal as to the allocated teacher assistant hours for all grades this current school year.

    Sue Hollingsworth stated that no School Committee policy is currently in place for targeted giving of donations but the committee will look into this. Sue asked that this issue be brought back to the School Committee on December 5 for a vote.

  5. Time Scheduled Appointments
    FY 2004 Budget Discussion

    The Superintendent addressed the School Committee about the Phase I and Phase II reductions in Phase I and Phase II work the Principals and Central Office administrators have recommended to bring a 0% increase í04 budget to the Finance Committee. The School Committee heard the Phase II reductions from both Hanscom and Lincoln administrators.

    1. Special Education Overview
      Teresa Watts and Steve Kaplan, Lincoln and Hanscom Student Services Administrators, presented an overview of Special Education at the Lincoln and Hanscom campuses and the mandates that drive the costs of SPED. Mr. Kaplan and Ms. Watts reviewed the eligibility flowchart and the Parentsí Rights Brochure. They spoke about Lincoln Public Schoolís Inclusion Model and the services provided by the special education tutors and intensive assistants. They also addressed the topic of the Early Intervention model for the pre-school students and the benefits this program provides to children with special needs.

      The budget proposal at present recommended by Teresa Watts and Steve Kaplan includes the need for a part-time Early Childhood administrator, a full time OT assistant, money set aside for legal expenses and anticipated out of district placement tuition.

      School Committee members asked questions relating to the pre-school population and the services needed, and the source of funding in the past to cover the cost of the Early Childhood Coordinator.

    2. Public Discussion
      Members of the audience reiterated the need for early intervention and touted the research on the benefits of early intervention as a cost saving measure in the long run of the studentís school career.

    3. Randy Davis and Barry Hopping presented the Phase II reductions totaling $138,000 for the Hanscom Schools.
      These reductions include:

      Curriculum Specialist, Social Worker (.05 FTE), Athletics, After School Music Program, Library Software and server, Library Aide (1.0 at Hanscom Middle School) and computer hardware upgrades.

    4. Jerry Schultz presented the Phase II reductions totaling $256,305 for the Lincoln School.
      These reductions include:

      Consumable supplies/materials, durable equipment, contracted services, textbooks, other published materials, printing costs, staff development, curriculum development, Reading Specialist (1.0 FTE), proposed Library/Media Specialist, and Instructional Assistants (8hours/week).

    5. School Committee members asked clarifying questions relating to the Phase II cuts at both campuses. Discussion ensued around the sharing of a librarian across campus, looking at the costs of the Metco support staff, and how the upcoming Phase III cuts will affect programs and personnel.

      Discussion took place around class size policy and the savings related to slightly increasing the class sizes. There was also discussion around making changes to the Middle School model as the Task Force findings suggested. Mr. Brandmeyer felt that a conversation with faculty and parents of middle school students would need to take place before any changes were made.

      Members of the audience asked questions related to the budget cuts, (for example, Is the Administration planning on keeping full day kindergarten next year?) A parent requested that parents and teachers have a chance to see impact statements regarding the budget cuts and to have these explained in detail.

      Mr. Brandmeyer stated that the date of the finalized budget to the School Committee for a vote is January 16, 2003.

  6. Curriculum
    No discussion.

  7. Policy
    1. Public Participation: Second Reading and VOTE
      Mickey Brandmeyer proposed that the School Committee read the proposed revisions and vote to approve the SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEETINGS Public Participation Policy (FILE: BD).

      School Committee members suggested amending the first sentence to clarify what is allowed to be discussed during Executive Session.

      Anne Doyle motioned to accept the amended Public Participation Policy. Jan Nyquist seconded. Approved 3-0. Hanscom Representatives concurred.

  8. Budget and Financial
    1. Warrant Approval
      Jan Nyquist moved to approve the warrants totaling 607,350.95.
      Anne Doyle Seconded.
      Approved 3-0. Hanscom Representatives concurred.

  9. Old Business
    No discussion.

  10. New Business
    1. Accept Gift
      A teacher from the Hanscom Middle School donated Apple computer equipment to the school valued at approximately $400.
      Jan Nyquist motioned to accept the gift donated to Hanscom Middle School.
      Anne Doyle seconded.
      Approved 3-0. Hanscom Representatives concurred.

  11. Approval of Minutes
    Jan Nyquist motioned to approve the minutes of the School Committee meeting on November 7th.
    Anne Doyle seconded. Approved 3-0. Hanscom Representatives concurred.

  12. Information Enclosures
    No discussion.

  13. Adjournment
    Jan Nyquist motioned to adjourn the meeting.
    Seconded by Anne Doyle.
    Approved 3-0. Hanscom Representatives concurred.
    The meeting adjourned at 10:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Stephanie Brown