Lincoln School Committee
Minutes of September 19, 2002
Hartwell Building, Lincoln MA

  1. Greetings and Call to Order
    The meeting was called to order by Sue Hollingsworth, Chair, at 7:07 p.m.
    Members present included: Sue Hollingsworth, Chair, Ashton Peery, Vice Chair, Anne Doyle, Jan Nyquist, Mark Masterson and Mark Smith, Hanscom Representative. Also present were Michael Brandmeyer, Superintendent, Jeanne Whitten, Assistant Superintendent and Dave Jack, School Business Administrator.
    Members absent: Michelle Gardner-Ince.

  2. Chairpersons and Members report
    Sue Hollingsworth thanked and congratulated the Committee for all their planning efforts and for a successful evening in formally welcoming Mickey and his wife Jeanne at the Pierce House on September 17, 2002.

  3. Superintendentís Report

    Mickey Brandmeyer reported that Hanscom Primary School held its Curriculum night. The theme for the school is Reading Across the USA, as a result of receiving a Lincoln School Foundation Grant last spring.

    Mr. Brandmeyer announced and encouraged attendance at the upcoming Forum on Education, titled Defining Excellence in Lincolnís schools to be held on September 23, 7:30 p.m. in the Donaldson Auditorium. This special event is cosponsored by the Lincoln K-8 Task Force, the Lincoln School Committee, the Lincoln Parent Teacher Association and the Bemis Free Lecture Series.

    Dr. Jeanne Whitten, Assistant Superintendent, reported that the children at the Lincoln campus observed September 11th by inviting the police and fire department to a flag ceremony followed by a moment of silence. Dr. Whitten gave special recognition to Steve Green and the 6/8 Cluster for the well organized activities.

    Mickey Brandmeyer reported that the elementary and middle schools on the Hanscom campuses participated in a moment of silence.

  4. Public Comments
    Members of the audience approached the Committee with concerns regarding the decision made at the August 20th meeting to not accept a dependent child of a Lincoln-Sudbury staff member. Members of the community expressed a wish to see this decision over-turned for the 2002-2003 school year.

    Sue Hollingsworth, Chair, opened the floor for School Committee members to address the audience.

    At this time the current kindergarten classes exceed the district policy target size of 18. The Committee has concerns about exceeding the maximum class size as the school is anticipating two more kindergarten students being admitted this fall. Ashton Peery stated that members of the L.S. School Committee had been invited to the July School Committee meeting to discuss our dependent child policy. He and Anne Doyle are meeting with two School Committee members from Lincoln-Sudbury and one School Committee member from Sudbury to further discuss the policy that is presently in place.

    A member of the audience inquired about the School Committee policy that does not allow tutoring after school on school grounds and hoped that this policy will change.

    The Committee will put this item on a future agenda.

  5. Time Scheduled Appointments
    1. Task Force Update and Discussion
      Jerry Green, Task Force Chair, introduced members of the committee.

      Mr. Green reported that the job of this Task Force is to report to the Town and to advise the School Committee.

      The following questions and issues were posed and reviewed:

      1. Why does Lincoln cost what it costs?
      2. The quality of education and cost effectiveness.
      3. The long term challenges the Lincoln School may face and how to address them.

      Anne Doyle complimented the Task Force on the many hours they have volunteered and is impressed with the thoughtful analysis the members presented tonight. This information will be very helpful to the Town and to the School Committee.

    2. Lincoln School Improvement Plan and Vote
      Jerry Schultz, Principal of Lincoln School, and two members of the Advisory Committee presented the plan for 2002-2003.

      School Committee member Anne Doyle asked if the outcomes of the plan could be changed to focus on student learning and achievements rather than staff. She also asked for clarity on how the schoolís goals align with the District goals. Ashton Peery asked how the Blue Ribbon reports could be incorporated into the plan.

      It was recommended to have one person in the responsible person(s) category as the spokesperson.

      The Committee discussed the goal to adopt LoveandLogic and suggested that teacher training be provided and that the school pilot the program this year. The Committee also requested a report on the program at a future meeting.

      Jan Nyquist moved to vote to approve the School Improvement Plan, as amended, seconded by Mark Masterson.
      Approved 5-0. Hanscom Representative concurred.

    3. Report on Hanscom Housing Initiative
      The Superintendent presented a report to the Committee reviewing the Hanscom Housing Privatization Project and the impact that it may have on the schools.

    4. Personnel Update
      Dr. Jeanne Whitten presented a profile sheet of all new teaching staff at the Hanscom and Lincoln Campuses to the School Committee, pointing out that 60% of the new staff are new to the teaching profession. Dr. Whitten highlighted the importance of a strong mentoring program to support new teachers.

  6. Curriculum
    No Discussion

  7. Policy
    Policy: Student Residency(JECA)

    The Committee tabled its first discussion of the student residency policy in order to participate in a community-wide discussion with Lincoln-Sudbury and Sudbury School Committee members.

    Ashton Peery motioned to create a subcommittee to represent Lincoln Public Schools at a joint meeting with Lincoln-Sudbury and Sudbury to review policy.

    Seconded by Mark Masterson. Sue Hollingsworth asked if this would be an Ad Hoc committee. Ashton amended his motion that an Ad Hoc committee be formed. Jan Nyquist seconded.

    Approved 5-0. Hanscom Representative concurred.

  8. Budget and Financial
    Mark Masterson moved that the School Committee vote to approve the warrants totaling $ 1,129,279.85. Jan Nyquist seconded.
    Approved 5-0. Hanscom Representative concurred.

  9. Old Business
    No Discussion

  10. New Business
    1. Appointment to DeCordova Board of Directors
      Jan Nyquist presented a report to the Committee on the goals and the responsibilities of the School Committee Appointee to the DeCordova.

      Anne Doyle asked if other parents could be liaisons on the Education Committee if they have an interest?

      Mickey Brandmeyer stated that we appoint a representative as a member of the Board of Directors to the DeCordova and that we might encourage a new subcommittee with a liaison taking on a role.

      The next step is for Jan Nyquist to provide a packet to the candidates and to ask the candidates to come forward to the Committee for an interview. Ashton Peery expressed interest in seeing a packet that will be given to the trustee candidates.

    2. Request for Enrollment

      A tutor from the Lincoln School requests that she be able to enroll her son in Kindergarten at the Lincoln School.

      The Superintendent is not recommending this request citing that the Kindergarten sections exceed target class size.

      Sue Hollingsworth motioned to accept the Superintendentís recommendation to deny admission. Seconded by Jan Nyquist.

      Approved 5-0. Hanscom Representative concurred

  11. Approval of Minutes
    A motion to approve the minutes of August 20, 2002 was made by Mark Masterson and seconded by Jan Nyquist.
    Approved 5-0. Mark Smith, Concurred
    A motion to approve the minutes of September 6, 2002 was made by Mark Masterson and seconded by Ashton Peery.
    Approved 5-0. Hanscom Representative concurred.

  12. Information Enclosures
    No Discussion

  13. Adjournment
    Sue Hollingsworth, Chair, motioned to adjourn. Seconded by Ashton Peery.
    Approved 5-0. Hanscom Representative concurred. The meeting adjourned at 9:59 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Stephanie Brown