Homework Information (See Class Calendar for Ideas How to Plan Out a Week!)
    Homework Policy

    Homework is an important part of our academic and organizational work. Homework assignments are designed to supplement in class learning, as well as encourage the practice of organization and time management. Homework assignments extend the learning that takes place in school and gives students opportunities to reinforce the concepts taught.



    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Math homework will be assigned nightly. An English/Language Arts packet is sent home on Monday and is due on Friday. ELA packets include Spelling/Word Study, a paragraph prompt, math challenge and reading log. Students are required to read 30 minutes every night. They are required to record their reading in their reading log, sign their log, and have a parent sign as well. 





    Students have a homework binder that travels between home and school daily. Homework binders contain a planner, a folder for items that should go home and come back to school, and a folder for items that should go home and stay at home. Students are required to utilize their school-issue planners for tracking assignments. Friday folders will be sent home every other week along with our classroom weekly update and student work. Friday folders should be returned the following Monday.


    All homework should be completed and completed with a pencil. Homework must have a name and a date on top of the page. Students should be sure that their homework is neatly done and that it shows effort.



    What if?
    Students are given a 3-strike policy. If a student forgets their homework, an “Oops” form will be sent home to make  parents aware of the missing homework. The third time your child is missing a homework assignment, they will be expected to complete it during recess.

    We expect that homework should be turned in on time but we understand that there may be homework that is challenging for some. If your child is overwhelmed or frustrated by an assignment or seems unable to complete it independently, please have them return it to us with a written note. We will work with them to understand the concept at hand.
Last Modified on September 5, 2013