• Arrival and Dismissal

    School Hours for 2020-2021 

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:00am - 1:45pm

    Wednesdays:  8:00am - 12:35pm


    Arrival and Dismissal Safety 

    The safety of our students, staff, and families is a priority in our community, particularly during the transition into the routines of a new school year. As a community, we will need to work together to follow drop-off and pick-up protocols that keep everyone safe. 

    Please be aware of the following safety expectations and the traffic flow for the car line.

    • K-2 students whose parents drive them to and from school can only be dropped off and picked up in the drop-off/pick-up lane in the parking lot on the South side of the school via Heritage Road (marked in green on the map below).
    • Students in grades 3-8 whose parents drive them to and from school can only be dropped off and picked up in the drop-off/pick-up lane in the parking lot in the front of the school via Marrett Street marked in yellow on the map below). 
    • If you have children across grade levels, please drop off in the lot that is dedicated to the youngest child. 
    • Please do not drop students off in the no drop off zones which are notated on the map below in red. All of Marrett Street is also a no drop-off zone.
    • Students are not permitted to cross through the parking lots unattended by an adult during drop-off or pick-up. 
    • The drop-off/pick-up lane is a moving lane. Parking is prohibited. This lane is also a fire zone. No car can be left idle or left unattended in this lane at any time. This is a violation of Massachusetts’ fire code and base policy. Be advised that the HAFB Fire Department and Security Forces can ticket you. 
    • Handicapped parking spaces are reserved for drivers with authorized handicapped parking permits. 
    • Students should only exit the car via the passenger side.  If possible, please place children on the right (passenger) side of the car to expedite drop off.


    Arrival and Dismissal


    Our goal will be to assist students swiftly and safely during these times so that we may keep traffic flowing at a reasonable pace. We encourage you to allow for additional travel time during back-to-school time. As a reminder, K-8 students can be dropped off beginning, and no earlier than, 7:50 AM. Students who arrive after 8:00AM will be considered tardy (unless they have excusable lateness for an appointment that cannot be scheduled outside of school hours).


    Safety is a shared responsibility. Please partner with us to ensure the safety of our school and base community members. This is particularly important this year as we all need to make sure we are masked up and following appropriate physical distancing while on school grounds. School and HAFB officials ask members of the community to honor the procedures outlined at all times. We appreciate your patience during the back-to-school transition.


    Dismissal Safety

    As school is still in session for staff from 2:00-3:00, the school grounds, including the playgrounds will remain closed to visitors until 3:00. Should your family like to use dismissal time to play on a playground, we would ask that you visit one of the many other playgrounds on HAFB.


    Main Office and Visitors to the School

    Parents and visitors to the school will not be able to enter the building past the main vestibule.  There will be a computer in the vestibule that you will sign in on when dropping off or picking up your child. Click here if you would like to read the entire protocol.



Last Modified on September 18, 2020