• Arrival and Dismissal

    School Hours for 2020-2021

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:00am - 1:45pm

    Wednesdays:  8:00am - 12:35pm


    The goal is to minimize contact at school between students, staff, families and the community at the beginning and end of the school day. Prioritize minimizing contact between adults at all times.



    • Students should not arrive before 7:45 a.m.  If arriving in a car before 7:45, students must wait in the car until 7:45.
    • Cars will drive the prescribed route for each campus, stopping at a designated drop off point
    • Per DESE guidance, it is recommended that, when possible, the same adult drop off each day.
    • Student only will exit the car with their belongings and wearing a mask
    • Driver will exit campus immediately
    • Students will walk, outside, to their designated line up area, maintaining 6 feet of distance between students and wearing masks
    • Each cohort’s line up area will have dots painted on the grass 6 feet apart 
    • Grade 8 (except Ms. Reynolds’ cohort), and Grade 7 (except Ms. Whitney’s cohort) will line up outside their classrooms at the front of the building.  Grade 5 will line up, near their classroom entrances, at the back of the building.  Grade 6 and Ms. Reynolds’ cohort will line up outside their classrooms at the back of the building.
    • One morning supervision adult will be stationed at each line up area (front, end, rear) outside.
    • Students must dress for the weather
    • Cohort teachers will meet students and escort them into the school building at 7:55 a.m.
    • All students will wash or sanitized their hands when they arrive in their classrooms.



    • All students will wear masks throughout the dismissal process, and maintain 6 feet apart, excepting siblings.
    • Students taking a bus will be dismissed first. Students in grade 5, 7, and 8 (except Ms. Reynolds’) will exit through an exterior door from their classroom.  Students in grade 6 and Ms. Reynolds’ 8th will exit single file through the corridor and main door.
    • Students being picked up by a parent/guardian will be dismissed second  Students will exit from their classroom exterior door,  and walk to the parking lot end of the building.  They will line up, using the 5th grade arrival dots.  Siblings should line up together.  A system of identifying cars and delivering children will be developed for each school so that students can maintain distance as they wait to join their family  (One adult by the cars to call students, one adult by the lines to send students?)
    • Students walking, riding bicycles, or going to an afterschool program  will be dismissed third - all exiting through their classroom exterior door, and maintaining six feet of distance as they leave campus
    • Parents/guardians picking up by car should arrive at 1:40.  Cars will drive the prescribed route for each school, stopping in a single file line in the designated location, and must remain in their vehicle.  The adult should have the name given to the family printed in large letters on a 8 ½ x 11” piece of paper, and should place this on the dashboard or in the passenger window.
    • Per DESE guidance, it is recommended that, when possible, the same adult pick up each day.
    • If an adult is picking up a child not their own/their regular pickup on a given day, this needs to be cleared in advance through the front office.  Please do not wait until close to dismissal to communicate your plans


    Arrival and Dismissal Safety

    The safety of our students, staff, and families is a priority in our community, particularly during
    the transition into the routines of a new school year. As a community, we will need to work
    together to follow drop-off and pick-up protocols that keep everyone safe. Please be aware of
    the following safety expectations and new traffic flow.


    • K-4 parents should drop students off first. 5-8 students whose parents drive them to and
      from school can only be dropped off and picked up in the drop-off/pick-up lane.
    • Students are not permitted to cross through the parking lot unattended by an adult
      during drop-off or pick-up.
    • The drop-off/pick-up lane is a moving lane. Parking is prohibited. This lane is also a fire
      zone. No car can be left idle or left unattended in this lane at any time. This is a violation
      of Massachusetts’ fire code.
    • Handicapped parking spaces are reserved for drivers with authorized handicapped
      parking permits.
    • Alternative parking is available during the school day for all school visitors in the parking
      lot (when available) or in the visitor spots in front of the Smith building.
    • Students should only exit the car via the passenger side. If possible, please place
      children on the right (passenger) side of the car to expedite drop off.
    • Buses will drop off in front of the Smith building. Students should proceed to their cohort
      door as they exit the bus.


    Our goal will be to assist students swiftly and safely during these times so that we may keep
    traffic flowing at a reasonable pace. We encourage you to allow for additional travel time during
    back-to-school time. As a reminder, 5-8 students can be dropped off beginning, and no earlier
    than, 7:45AM. Students who arrive after 8:00AM will be considered tardy (unless they have
    excusable lateness for an appointment that cannot be scheduled outside of school hours).


    Safety is a shared responsibility. Please partner with us to ensure the safety of our school community members. This is particularly important this year as we all need to make sure we are masked up and following appropriate social distancing while on school grounds. School officials ask members of the community to honor the procedures outlined at all times. We appreciate your patience during the back-to-school transition


    Below is a photograph of the Ballfield Road Campus drop off and pick up routes:

    • Please note - K-4 cars go in the Hartwell lot for drop off. Families who are also dropping off in the 5-8 should proceed along the base of Center Field to the Smith Parking lot for drop off.
    • Families dropping off only 5-8 students should proceed into the Smith lot, pull up and drop off at the large Blue dot on the photograph.
    • ONLY buses will be allowed to go into the Center Field Loop at arrival and dismissal.


    Traffic Pattern for Lincoln Campus


Last Modified on September 13, 2020