• Strategies to Promote Reading at Home

  • Make reading part of your regular routine. 

    reading in fort

    Some parents have success with reading time every day before bed.  Some parents have reading time right after dinner.  Whatever works for you!   You may have to set a timer in the beginning and set rules that your child is sitting still and reading for the whole time.  Don't give up!  Once your child can read well enough that it is not laborious and they understand the story without so much effort it will get much easier to insist on daily reading.  Also, there is no rule saying you have to read in one spot!  My kids loved to pull out the drawers in the kitchen, rearrange the stools and read in the fort!  (and yes, I set a timer once they started)



  • Have reading material easily available.

    Keep books and magazines available to your child all the time.  Go to the library with a big bag and fill it to the top each week.  (It is o.k. if your child wants to read the same books over and over!  This is a good way to promote fluency!)  Use an app like OverDrive or Sora to get e-books onto e-readers, tablets, or phones for free!  Graphic novels are o.k. for a treat, but balance your child's reading with continuous text.  Some kids love fiction, some love non-fiction!   Take your child's lead and make sure they have lots to read!


  • Let your children see you reading!  They follow our lead!

     reading together

    It is important the children see the adults around them reading!  This sends the message that reading is a worthwhile endeavor.  When they do their nightly reading homework, sit with them and read the newspaper or a book for fun!  Snuggle up on the couch together and read your own books! 



Last Modified on March 15, 2020