8/7/20 Model Registration Survey Letter for Families

  • Dear Families,


    We are at a very important point in our planning process for the 2020-2021 school year.  In order to continue developing our plans to start school in September, we need to know how many students will return to a fully in-person model and how many students will return to a fully remote model.  We are asking for your commitment for each of your children at this time.


    Please complete our Registration Survey to inform us of your decision for each of your children.  Please complete a separate survey for each child by August 10, 2020.


    Many of you may already know which model you will select.  If that is true for you, we are asking you to complete the survey immediately to help us begin the review of our results as soon as possible.


    • We also recognize that this is a difficult decision and there is still important information that many of you need in order to ensure that you are making the right decision for your family.
      Last week we provided information about both of these models in our Family Forums on July 29thand July 30th.   
    • This Friday, August 7th we will provide another information session at 2pm.  Please see the email sent last night with the following subject, LPS: Family Forum August 7th, 2pm.
    • Tomorrow night, August 6, 2020 at 7pm the School Committee will convene to review our Draft Final LPS Reopening Plan.  We will share the plan with the community on Friday, following the School Committee meeting.


    I believe that the LPS Reopening Plan, along with the information sessions, will provide you with the information you need to make a decision and submit your survey by August 10, 2020.  


    The information you provide will serve as your registration of your child for either the In-person Model or the Remote Model.  This information will be used to develop our staffing plans and our student cohorts.  At this time, we are moving forward with our planning for these two models.  We will continue to monitor the data related to COVID-19 in our communities and across the state and will adjust our plans in the coming weeks, if necessary.


    Selecting a Model
    We are asking each family to select a model - in-person or remote - to begin the school year. We recognize that we are all faced with great uncertainty and that it may be difficult to envision what the entire school year will look like. When you select a model, please do so with the expectation that your child will remain in that model for the entire school year. This selection will be important for us in making staffing decisions. Once these staffing decisions are made, it will be difficult to allow for switching from the Remote to the In-Person model. We cannot compromise safety protocols by increasing In-Person cohort size, so if you choose the Remote model, you should expect to remain in a remote cohort for the full year. If you choose the In-Person model and during the course of the year wish to switch to the Remote model, we will make every effort to accommodate this request. While we will endeavor to make a smooth transition, you should expect some transitional period if you choose to make this change.


    Model Review
    The district will continually monitor and assess the health situation and will shift to a fully remote model at any time if necessary to ensure the health and safety of students and staff. At the midpoint of the year, the district will also review the health situation and if the situation warrants will allow Remote families to opt-in to In-Person at that time. 


    Please complete one form per child. For help with the survey, including translation assistance, please call or text 781-281-9599 or email help@lincnet.org.


    Please complete our Registration Survey for each child by August 10, 2020.


    All the best,


    Becky McFall, Superintendent


District Communications: School Year 2020 - 2021

Last Modified on August 26, 2020