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  • 6/25/2020 - LPS Initial Return-to-School Guidance Released


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    Dear LPS Community
    This morning, Governor Baker’s office and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released their initial guidance about reopening schools this fall.  A great deal of thought and care went into the development of this guidance and it is informed by the latest medical expertise.  I believe we all share the goal of a safe return of as many students as possible to in-person school settings in order to best meet students’ academic, social, and emotional needs.  I encourage you to join me in viewing the Governor’s press conference at noon today to hear the rollout of the guidance pertaining to school re-opening.
    Over the coming days, the administrative team and the LPS Education 2021 Task Force will be reviewing the guidance to begin to understand the models of instruction, safety protocols, and operational systems that will need to be put in place to allow for in-person education as well as for remote learning systems in the fall.   The initial guidelines provided do not address every topic. There will be additional guidance coming throughout the summer and I will keep you informed of the work of the district Task Force to develop a comprehensive plan for the start of school this fall.  The full initial guidance document can be found at Initial Return-to-School Guidance under Headlines on our district webpage but here are some of the key components:

    • Current medical research supports a safe in-person return to school - with preventive measures in place - as infection and transmission rates are lower for children than adults.
    •  Preventive measures include masks/face coverings, physical distancing, handwashing, and cleaning frequently touched surfaces
    • Masks/face coverings will be required for all students in Grade 2 and above and for all adults; they are recommended for students in Grade 1 and below
    • Based upon current medical research, and in conjunction with other preventive measures, a minimum physical distance of three feet has been established; with a recommendation of six feet when possible

    Districts will need to develop three separate plans - one for return to full in-person instruction with safety requirements, one for full remote learning, and one for a hybrid model of learning that combines in-person and remote learning.  Based upon the current medical situation, the expectation today is that students will return to full in-person instruction in September assuming that districts are able to meet the guidelines set forth; however, that is subject to change based upon how the medical situation develops.
    I acknowledge that there are likely to be more questions than answers at this time, and we will continue to communicate with you in the coming weeks and months.  I encourage you to read the full document Initial Return-to-School Guidance   As we move forward, I will provide updates on our planning process.  In addition, we will be reaching out to you for input and information that will help us in our plan development.

    In a Superintendent Update that will come to your email in-box soon, I will provide more information about our LPS Education 2021 Task Force as well as several other district updates.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding as we review the information provided and begin to integrate the guidance with our own thinking regarding how best to provide a strong educational experience for our students in the coming school year.

    All the best,

    Becky McFall, Superintendent


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