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  • Vlog # 7


    Important Notes from the video:

    • In reading we are currently working on Non-fiction. You should see these books come home most nights and students are still expected to read for 30-40 minutes while noticing and coming up with ideas. The ideas in non-fiction are the main ideas of the text. Students might also have a novel they are reading so that when they complete their non-fiction work they can return to a story. (Sometimes non-fiction texts are shorter) 
    • Debby Irving author of Waking Up White will be in Lincoln on Wednesday. We will be having discussions in class about identity, race, and privilege in an age-appropriate way. 
    • We are taking our Unit 2 Math Assessment this week.
    • I forgot to mention our wonderful celebration that ended our first reading unit, the watching of Pixar's Inside Out. As students watched they had to pull out and take note of important details and then had to use them to discover the multiple themes of the movie. They did an amazing job, and in our popcorn discussion after, they talked happily about the text/movie for almost 45 minutes straight, with students adding on to one another, growing new interpretations, and seeing meaning in things they never would have previously. Next students used there work with themes to inspire some personal reflection. Two big themes the students pulled out were "Emotions can be complicated" and "As we grow we change". They used these themes to create their own islands of personality like the character in the movie but pushed themselves even further to create both their islands of strength and their islands of challenge. In the coming weeks, we will discuss how we handle the challenges that come at our islands (like the events in the movie came at the main character's islands) and how that affects our emotions. Finally, we will explore what we can do to handle those situations.   
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  • Vlog #6 

    Important notes from the video: 

    • Conferences start this week. Follow the link to check your time or sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c49aea62da4f49-fall2
    • Hale Reservation trip is Monday - 10/21 - Students need:
      • Long Pants 
      • Long Shirt 
      • Layers 
      • Bug spray (already on) 
      • Water Bottle 
      • Bagged Lunch 
    • Minuteman Trip is 10/29 - Please send in Permission Slip and/or fee if you haven't already 
  • Vlog # 5


    • Picture Day is this Tuesday, October 8th - you can order the pictures online or send in the paper form. 
    • Minuteman Field Trip Permission slips are due this week. Please send in the slip and the $20 fee.  
    • Book orders from Scholastic have shipped and hopefully will be in this week.
    • Here is the link to Middle Matters which includes the new Social Contract.  
    • If you haven't already please join our class on Class Dojo - please contact me if you need your student's code. 
  • Curriculum Night 

    Hello Everyone,

    This past Thursday was Curriculum Night at Lincoln Middle School. It was so nice to see so many of you! Please accept my apologies if we didn't get to talk personally, our Fall conferences will be here before you know it, and I will know your student a lot better by then. 

    For those of you who couldn't make it, and for those of you who did but were on information overload, I have posted both presentations (the whole 5th grade and the one specific to our classroom) below.




    Here are a few key points to review: 


    • Close communication is important to me and I aim to be as available as possible.
    • Emails are great for questions/concerns and sometimes phone calls are even better.
    • The Class Blog/Vlog will be your go to place for longer more in-depth posts about what we have been doing in the curriculum.  
    • Class Dojo will help you stay connected to the classroom through photos, video clips, and posts of student work, you will have lots to discuss with your student about their school days. 
    • Class Dojo also has a messenger with is great who quick text-style messages to me and from me. Please note that these messages are just that, the type of small things you might put in a text, any question or concern that needs a longer response should be sent via email. 
    • Invitations to "Join our Class" should have come home on Friday if you did not get yours at Curriculum Night.
    • Here are two videos that will tell you a little more about Dojo- do note we will not be using the "Points" component consistently. I may give them occasionally just to communicate with them and you something that did in the classroom that deserves to be recognized : 





    I spoke about the class homework policy which can be found here on the class website (click here to view). Every day your student will be responsible for writing their homework in their planner, packing their Homework Portfolio with the appropriate folders for the subjects they have homework in, completing their homework, and bringing their homework back the next day. On Friday, since we do not have weekend homework, the folder will contain any notices, corrected work, forms etc. that students are responsible for retrieving from their classroom mailboxes. 



    One thing I mentioned in my presentation was the importance of instilling a growth mindset in our students. The video below gives a deeper overview of this concept.  
    For a full explanation by the principal researcher, Professor Carol Dweck of Stanford University view this presentation she gave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXhbtCcmsyQ 
     Another key idea I touched upon was the importance of teaching and valuing all types of learners in our classroom. I mentioned the "Multiple Intelligences" that students have and how I aim to present content and concepts in a way that appeals to many of them. For more about Multiple Intelligences check out the video below where Howard Gardner of Harvard University explains the idea and research behind it. 
    Finally, we talked about the 4 C's: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking. Below is the video I wanted to share with you that exemplifies these ideas. I will be sharing it with your students as well and it will serve as a model for all of our work.  


    Important Dates:

    • Hale Reservation - Monday, October 21st 
    • Minuteman National Park - Tuesday, October 29th (Permission Slips came home Friday) 
    • Conferences October 23rd, 24th & 30th 


  • My apologies again for the long video but I promise it's worth it! Photos seen in the video can be viewed in the gallery below. 

    Other quick reminders: 


    Important Notes from the Vlog: 

    • Reading Homework has begun - students are asked to read for 30 to 40 minutes while stopping and jotting notices and ideas. 
    • Writers notebooks are coming home to be decorated. They do need to be back in class tomorrow but students can take them home again to keep decorating. 
    • Math is up and going and Home Links have begun to come home as homework. 
    • Hale Reservation is this Thursday. Find the "How to Dress" sheet here. Long pants, long socks, and long sleeves are your best bet. 
  • Week 1 in the Books

    We are off to a wonderful start here in Eightex. We have learned a lot already about how to work together during our 3 team-building challenges: Puzzles, Sonic, and Ball and Cup. Be sure to ask your student what they learned about communication, fairness, and GRIT during these challenges. 

    While these challenges are fun we need to take the lessons we are learning and apply them to our academics. So while these challenges were going on, we introduced our first group project, where students were tasked with researching the 3 branches of government and creating a bulletin board for our classroom. Figuring out how to share responsibilities, communicate, and get the job done, with academics proved a little more challenging, but after some class reflections got right back on track. Check out the finished board below and ask your student to tell you about how the branches will work in our classroom. 


    You might also see some Grit stamps coming home today, we will talk more about this at Curriculum Night, but for now ask your student if they earned any today and for what! I will say there were some very impressive things happening during our writing block today! 

    Below you will see some more pictures from our week! I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. More blogs and Vlogs coming soon! 


  • Week 1 Vlog 

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