About Our Class






    We are "Team Traut-Savino!"


    Our Scholastic Book Club class code is: PCGXT. 

    Choose books with your child from the paper flyers or online at: www.scholastic.com/bookclubs

    As soon as your order is delivered to our classroom, I will send it home with your child! 


    Specials Schedule: 

    Monday - Art

    Tuesday - Science Enrichment

    Wednesday - Library (Don't forget your library books!)

    Thursday - Wellness (Wear sneakers!) and Music

    Friday - Wellness (Wear sneakers!) 


    Arrival/Dismissal Information:  

    Students will be supervised in the mornings beginning at 7:45am.

    First graders will line up on the pathway directly outside the first grade stairwell. 

    Dismissal is at 2:50pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and 12:35pm on Wednesdays. 

    Please communicate with your child the plans for dismissal (walking, car pick-up, going to Clubhouse, etc). If there is a change in your child's dismissal plan, please submit a written note in the student's homework folder or call the front office.  


    Snack, Lunch and Recess:

    Students will need to bring a small, nutritious snack to school each day. 

    Lunch is served in the cafeteria everyday except Wednesday, beginning at 12:05. If you would like to eat with your child, you may join them in the cafeteria after signing into the front office.  

    Students enjoy a 15-minute block of recess time in the morning and in the afternoon. 

    We are outdoors unless it is precipitating and/or 15 degrees Fahrenheit or below - please send your child dressed in weather-appropriate layers! 


    HPS School and Community Rules: 

    Be safe, be kind, be respectful, and be a hard worker!