• Dear Families,


    Your child has been busy learning the first three notes on their recorder. We have been practicing B, A, and G with exercises and songs over the last month. The children are so excited that they get to bring their recorders home each week and practice their new skills at home. 


    Learning to play an instrument is an exciting opportunity that carries a new level of responsibility for your 3rd grader. You will be a crucial supporting component in our program by encouraging the responsibility of your child to keep track of, maintain, and practice the instrument throughout the unit. This experience will allow us to begin a musical journey of reading music notation in order to play a musical instrument.  This journey can continue in 4th grade if students decide to take private lessons or join the HMS Orchestra.


    Children now have the opportunity to bring their materials home. They will need to bring them back to school each week on their scheduled music day.  The day your child has music is detailed below. Support them in this new responsibility by getting into a routine of bringing their recorder back each week when it is needed for class and reminding them a helpful strategy is to leave the recorder in their backpack when they are not practicing.









    Experience has taught us that having an audience to play and practice for at home builds student motivation and stamina.  Here is your family's opportunity to be your child’s biggest fan.  




    Mr. Ruiz