The Role of the School Psychologist and School Social Workers

  • What Does the School Psychologist Do?

    The school psychologist works primarily as a member of the Special Education Team and conducts the psychological evaluations as part of an initial or re-evaluation for special education eligibility.  These evaluations provide important information related to a student’s cognitive profile as well as social and emotional functioning and its impact on learning.  The school psychologist consults with team members, providing recommendations around student learning and programming.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to connect directly with the school psychologist around questions regarding the evaluations of their child/student and how best to implement the recommendations.


    What Do the School Social Workers Do?

    All Lincoln Students and Families have access to support from the School Social Workers. School Social Workers help support students who are experiencing emotional distress, social issues, or academic difficulties that are impacting students' healthy functioning during the school day. Students and Families can access the School Social Workers by stopping by the School Social Worker's office, emailing or calling. Students and Families can also ask classroom teachers for support in accessing the Social Workers. 

    The School Social Workers can provide consultation to determine the best ways to support students socially and emotionally. Some social emotional issues are best addressed outside of school, while others can be appropriately supported within the school day. School Social Workers can meet with students on a regular basis, check-in basis, or consult with families and outside providers (therapists, doctors, etc.), depending on the students' needs. Students who receive Special Education Services may also be eligible to receive Counseling Services through the School Social Workers as part of their Individualized Education Program. 


Last Modified on March 1, 2017