• Ideas to Practice Spanish at home

    dot Put the TV on the local Spanish station (you do not need cable TV). For example, Saturday mornings the basic Spanish TV stations show cartoons in Spanish. Kids love to see the cartoons and by watching and listening to the shows it improves listening comprehension of the language.

    dot Play your movies on DVD on the Spanish track. Put on movies the students have seen already so they know what the story is about, and play it on the Spanish audio track so they practice listening and understanding Spanish. For example, you can find Dora the Explorer in Spanish, or Harry Potter in Spanish.

    dot Get Plaza Sesamo Videos or DVDs (the Spanish version of Sesame Street) from Amazon.com or a library. This is a great way to learn Spanish by following along the characters and have your child repeat what the characters are saying. For example the letter I in Spanish: Iguana.

    dot Play Spanish Children Songs (on CDs) in your car while you drive your children around. Your child will listen to the songs and start singing along with them. This is a great way to increase their vocabulary, have them practice pronunciation and listening of the language. Some great musical artists are Miliki, Cri Cri, Jose Luis Orozco.

    dot Get Spanish books from the library or on-line. Read to your child, or have them read. You can get basic beginner books about colors, numbers dictionary etc, or move on to easy reading books like Dr. Seuss in Spanish.

    dot Go on-line and practice with Spanish websites such as Duo Lingo, Senora Rosado’s Spanish, Muzzy etc. (also see links that I have on my teacher website)

    dot Practice the vocabulary your child is studying with them a few minutes each day or a few times each week. I send the list home to the parents at the beginning of each new unit.

    dot Surround your child with Spanish speakers, join a Spanish play group where the focus of the group is to speak in Spanish, sing songs in Spanish and play in Spanish.
Last Modified on October 6, 2016