• February

    Posted by Cheri Wing-Jones on 2/9/2016

    Hello Parents,


    Hope you all were able to enjoy the unexpected snow break and that those families who lost electricity and heat survived their adventure!

    Here are some “Ask Me’s” to check in with your child to get us all back into the rhythm of school:


    -Ask Me how I figured out our family members' ages on my timeline.

    - Ask Me what my opinion is of Tomie DePaola’s “Strega Nona” or “Big Anthony”? Which did I think was the best and what were the reasons I thought it was the best?


    - Ask Me what is happening in our read-aloud of the “BFG” by Roald Dahl? Did you know that this will be in theatres as a movie this summer?


    -Ask me about how to take charge of my reading and how to decide how a book wants to be read.


    -Ask Me about my Cinderella opinion writing. Which Cinderella version did I choose as the best and what were my reasons?


    -Ask Me who our Mystery Reader was this week and what did she read?


    -Ask Me about our 5th grade Writing Buddies and what we did today with them.


    Zane helps Jay talk about his "Ninja" writing.

    Zane and Jay with Jay's Ninja Writing


    Ninja's in action. They find school and think about writing. (Check out the pencil in the thought bubble.)




    Time off during Friday Finale to create with blocks: Nooreddeen and Alex.



    Thank you for helping the children help me celebrate my birthday in school.


    birthday celebration


    Cheri Wing-Jones









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  • January Thoughts

    Posted by Cheri Wing-Jones on 1/20/2016
    Hello Parents,
    Welcome to my new blog format and Happy New Year, 2016!

    Thank you very much for the gift of the big purple yogibo bean bag chair given to our class by all the parents in late December. Here is a picture of the class, all actually touching the new gift!

         Recently, we have been reading Cinderella stories from around the world. Some of the titles we have been reading have been "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters, An African Tale", "Bubba the Cowboy Prince", a fractured fairy tale from Texas; "The Irish Cinderlad"; "Adelita" from Mexico; "Cendrillon" from Haiti; "Cinderella, An Islamic Tale"; "The Rough-Face Girl", a Native American tale; "Anklet for a Princess, A Cinderella Story from India" and more. We have been writing about these tales and comparing/contrasting them. We are now starting opinion writing about these read-alouds by are giving reasons with supporting details.

           Very exciting this week, we have decided which plays we shall be doing with our upcoming puppets. We will be choosing our parts next week. Once decided on, the children will begin the process of creating their puppets. The following plays will be ours this year:

    "Luke Skywalker/Princess Leia and the Three Ewoks"
    "The Frog Prince, Continued"
     "Big Al"
    "Little Red Riding Hood".

    We just finished a geometry unit that included a Shape Museum. We learned to identify various 3-D shapes, their faces, edges and vertices. We have begun a new math unit on "Ages and Timelines" , an exploration on the use of the open number line as a strategy for subtraction.

    We are learning new things every day and helping one another learn. As always, "Mistakes are accepted here!"


    Ms. Wing-Jones

     Yogibo pic 2016



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